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'Zootopia' is a cutesome animal kingdom.

‘Zootopia’ is a cutesome animal kingdom.

Are you that guy who does not miss to catch animated kiddie films if it offers few profound socio-political utopia? Then, Disney’s ‘Zootopia‘ will serve you a lot of food for thought relating to patience and prejudice. And if you’re looking for zippy one-liners, zingy slapstick and gentle giggles, you’ll leave like a more joyful […]

Oscar Predictions!

Oscar Predictions!

Not even a day, there are just few hours left to celebrate 88th Academy Awards. Few categories are evident, and few more are secure ventures, but most of this race is uncertain and debatable. I’m doing my best to keep track of the awards season and what is probably taking home the big prize, but […]

'Trumbo' pulls the leg of Hollywood's dark side.

‘Trumbo’ pulls the leg of Hollywood’s dark side.

Hollywood is so fond of making movies about movies, but at this point, it’s a film that shows us a shameful period of Hollywood where hundreds of writers were ostracized for supposedly supporting the communist party. Dalton Trumbo, probably the most renowned blacklisted writer who won a few Oscars under many fake names in 1950’s. […]

'Spotlight' is a terrific newroom drama at its finest.

‘Spotlight’ is a terrific newroom drama at its finest.

Newsrooms have always been fascinating the Hollywood. Oh yeah! It’s incredibly amazing to bring up a team of actors and filmmakers together and make a movie about a class of journalists who unite together to achieve something humongous. The formal dresses everywhere, with the belt buckled round their waists, shirtsleeves rolled up below their elbows, […]

'Neerja' is the epoch-making tour de force of an unsung hero.

‘Neerja’ is the epoch-making tour de force of an unsung hero.

Before I’m going to explore about ‘Neerja’, I really want to know the real name of one of the hijackers: Khalil. Such a superbly acted headstrong scoundrel who fires fear with the scathing stare from his narcotic eyes, he reminds me of Elmi from Tom Hanks‘ ‘Captain Philips’. And even the other terrorists who hijack […]

This 'Room' of 4 walls cracks the 16 walls of our heart rooms.

This ‘Room’ of 4 walls cracks the 16 walls of our heart rooms.

‘Room‘ is one of the most powerful films of the year, no, more than that. Remarkably directed by Lenny Abrahamson, impressively adapted by screenwriter Emma Donoghue from her own novel, is a fortuitously life-affirming tale of motherhood encased in the fabric of contemporary horror flick. A heart-rending story of the potential of maternal love and of a […]

'Deadpool' is a sarcastic mix of sex and humor.

‘Deadpool’ is a sarcastic mix of sex and humor.

Nowadays, the superhero industrial synthesis has turned so unbending and moneymaking that it would be clear if its legatees pursued to play it safe. Then, why screwing a winning formula? Just because of that, you have to clap, whistle and cheer for a film like Deadpool. It neither has the deep-rooted origin story nor showcases the […]

'The Finest Hours' ships all fore'sea'able heroics in ships.

‘The Finest Hours’ ships all fore’sea’able heroics in ships.

I reckoned how praiseworthy it was to see Disney producing a historical disaster drama about an audacious 1952 Coast Guard rescue off – The Finest Hours. While the real story is quite interesting, the perspective of this film left me demanding more than merely a sentimental coating over the casting involved. The film indeed starts a bit […]

'Saala Khadoos' doesn't hit out of its boxing (bo)ring.

‘Saala Khadoos’ doesn’t hit out of its boxing (bo)ring.

Note: I request you to be totally sarcastic if you want to read this review. Let me disclose the twists of the film first, it tells about the stuff that are seldom found in Bollywood sports movies: Enmity, politics, lethargic government dignitaries. O my god, what a knockout sensation this Saala Khadoos is! After seeing the […]

'The 33' is an upbeat underground survival drama.

‘The 33’ is an upbeat underground survival drama.

Choosing a real-life event as the theme of a film is obviously challenging because there might have been a chance of knowing the story beforehand if we followed the actual incident. The 33, however, features an honest and painstaking version without being too overweening. On contrast, it has a fairly breezy tone to the whole […]