‘Deadpool’ is a sarcastic mix of sex and humor.

Nowadays, the superhero industrial synthesis has turned so unbending and moneymaking that it would be clear if its legatees pursued to play it safe. Then, why screwing a winning formula? Just because of that, you have to clap, whistle and cheer for a film like Deadpool. It neither has the deep-rooted origin story nor showcases the most adrenalized action sequences. What it has is the courage to fool the formula and have some raunchy hard-R fun. It’s a superhero movie for the smartasses who do not shy to share spicy jokes with friends.

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Set in the early ’90s as a sarcastic antihero swivelled from The New Mutants, Deadpool is the alter ego of Wade Wilson, an ex-mercenary who implements special powers like expedited healing. Ryan Reynolds first played this role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but like everything else about that film, it was simply unmemorable. And, Reynolds’ short screen time alone clued up at the character’s blabbermouth brand of scathing mobocracy. In Deadpool, he’s ultimately the main lead, and Reynolds gallops many rim-shot resentments in the initial few minutes that he encounters like Don Rickles in red spandex. For a span, you realize yourself chuckling not because the jokes are fabulous (even if few of them are), but because you can’t trust the Marvel admitted to pot luck on such a highly profane protagonist.


Deadpool is your elementary superhero origin story. You know what, a wisecracking strong guy comes across an equally wisecracking strong girl (Morena Baccarin), they deeply drown in love and swim in dauntless sex, he gets changed into a gruesome mutant odd by a British villain (Ed Skrein), and the retaliation is essayed so the reunion with his love is achieved. The plot is just the platform for Reynolds’ sausy, naughty-prankster enigma, his unfathomable array of perky one-liners and fourth-wall-breaking asides. The point is, the movie’s verbal and visual gags come so fast and furious that, after all, it gets worn out.

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All of this adds up to a movie with one great action sequence, a lot of humor flung at the wall with hopes that most of it sticks and the requisite explosive and overlong finale.

The jokes in Deadpool are dispatched with such a mischievous and clever-soundrel sparkle that it kills a while to understand that it’s promoting a jokey tone rather than the actual jokes half the time. But Reynolds sells it perfectly well. His friend (T.J. Miller) compares his terribly crispified face to the avocado that had sex with an old avocado, rofl, Reynolds and his role are a blast of laughing bang in a genre that inclines to take itself way too earnestly. Deadpool may not be an avant-grade comedy, but it’s certainly an avant-grade Marvel movie. And yeah, that’s something good.

My Rating: 3 + 0.5(For its witty adult jokes)/5

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