“Fortune favors the bold.”


“Fortune favors the bold”
People who bravely go after what they want are more successful than people who try to live safely.

Official Press note released that Pawan kalyan is foraying into the production lines. What kind of impact it will create on the TFI.

Does Pawan Kalyan have money to produce movies?

PK is not a hero anymore he exploeded as a Brand in recent times. If you get the dates of hero and a story it’s easy to get money in Tollywood.PK is the brand of honesty and discipline, People will easy volunteer to invest money in his movies. About returns, fans will response in a Heart Beat

Why to do movie with Pawan Kalyan Creative works .

A small/Big budget movie needs a face to mint money at box office. We saw lot of movies playing well in tv’s rather at theater. This is all because the producer doesn’t have the vision of projecting the movie in a smart way. PK is the producer do you think it needs media/people attention? Any school going kid can answer this question.
If a person gets introduced/worked with this banner, by default the reach is more. So, they can easily sell themselves in the industry with their talent(because they are not a technician any more will get celebrity status).
It’s a welcome note for the industry. If star hero like PK will come forward it will be huge moral support for the creative/talented people to showcase themselves. More people can come forward in the same lines.

More than anything for the fanatics and maniacs it will a great gift to see/interact with the GOD before going to heaven.

All the very best for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan…!

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