Jana Sena doing justice


Looks like Jana sena doing justice at the time needed by people.

For every party which comes to power we need to give some time. That’s what pawan exactly did . He gave time to TDP, BJP to sort out the issues and questioning them now.

1. How about special status to AP ?
Even pawan admitted through twitter , public platforms that he got disappointed about the center behavior.Venkaiah Naidu requested in rajya sabha that AP need more than 5 years for special state status. After coming into power they are projecting we are doing help as per the book/rule says.
God knows which one is truth…? BJP is getting afraid over the development of AP ?

2. Some of the people are not happy about Land Pooling.

Pawan kalyan again came and questioning directly TDP. State capital can’t be built from the tears of common man.He even said he will sit in VJW and do the justice needed after talking to ministers. He’s not a person who will give paper statments, come and go attitude.

3. Hud – Hud .

Even during the hud-hud time he’s the first person from tollywood to react and gave 50 Lakhs to CM relief fund. Which is noble , welcome gesture. At this point there is nothing to question about natural calamity and TDP goverment did good role in getting the services back at the needed hour.

4. Farmer Loan waiver.

Please fulfill the promises made to the farmers about farmer loan waiver.

Punch Line : Jana sena passed the first unit test.

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