Jungle Cat meows in the disguise of ‘Bengal Tiger’ (Movie Review)

Initially I was scared to watch ‘Bengal Tiger‘ because Sampath Nandi punished me three years ago by making a terrible film, ‘Raccha‘. Yet I expended my guts for this, but he’s ruthless, extended my punishment more by rehashing the same movie with the same heroine. Sampath has never failed to create crap to keep his standards safe, and he proves it this time too.

I’m extremely reluctant to explain about this chaotic plot built upon the routine revenge drama and the very routine slapstick humor we have been watching countless times in multiple films since our ‘Maha Lacto Chocolate’ days. Maybe the writers of this film are strong supporters of ‘Save Paper & Save Trees’ campaign, yes they might have not wasted much paper to write, I’m serious, the story is ten times thinner than Tamannah‘s waist.


Ravi Teja justifies his privileged title Mass Maharaj, sets his mass benchmark in showcasing great mannerisms and body language. His one liners at times are the crackers, Ravi indeed takes the reigns of the film solely. The villainy of Boman Irani is so good. Tamannah and Raashi Khanna look fine, but the saddest thing is there’s nothing to eat in their plate, of course, short roles given to heroines just in the size of their costumes. Rest of the cast – Prudhvi, Rao Ramesh, Posani, Shinde and others are not well enough.

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Cinematography by Soundararajan needs a special mention, those phantom cam shots taken on stunt sequences are unique. The film should’ve been embraced by some decent music at least, unluckily the outrageous score creates mess in many of the places. Comedy is clichéd, situational fun has offered no good laughs. Huh, they stretched the tiny storyline and made two and a half hours film by shoving a lot of lousy scenes forcedly.

If I were Sourav Ganguly, I would sue Sampath for using such a great accolade Bengal Tiger to name his humdrum film (Haha.. just kidding). A duck-out shame on director. Makers wanted to present a commercial entertainment of revenge, romance & comedy, but they failed to put its good mix on the screen. Recent surveys stated that the tigers in India had been extinct in a huge amount, I wish Sampath Nandi’s ‘Bengal Tiger‘ was one among them. A bad breed.

My Rating: 1.5/5


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