Kalyan is a big devotee of Megastar.


In the present days we could see in any audio functions, when the name of pawan kalyan chants the impact would be a thousand volt bulb.There is something uniqueness about this person than nobody knows. Everyone is trying hard to know the mantra “Why there is a magic around Pawan Kalyan”.

In the audio success meet of S/O Satyamurthy ,even Bramhanandam told that chiranjeevi is the brother of Pawan Kalyan. But Kalyan created his own path and became the trendsetter of tollywood. Even he reached to the peaks or not he will a fruit from the big tree called Mega Star. No doubts in it. If you have questions please visit doctors.

Kalyan was introduced into the movies by Mega star.Here you know the minor difference between the Mega Vs Power Star. Mega star is good actor,dancer,human being. That’s the only reason he’s the No.1 in telugu industry.Power star is a big devotee of Mega Star. Please closely listen to the speeches of power star in all audio, political speeches. He will be moved emotionally when he talks about his Annaya, Vadina and kids.

But when kids reached to a point where there crossed the lines of their parents .They will feel this is the happiest moment. I was there during the 100 days function of Indra organized at Vijayawada. Crowds came to the audio function like never before .When Chiranjeevi said about the word “Kalyan” there is a huge appaluse in the audience for “2 MINS , I mean it” .I could see the reaction of Chiru in his eyes that he’s on cloud 9. But now a days he’s getting irritated in the audio functions when kalyan name was chanting.

The only thing here we need to understand is, for the life of Pawan Kalyan, Megastar is the huge inspiration. But chiranjeevi behavior is irritating fans.

The only person who is suffering low because of this is chiranjeevi ( which includes Chiru,his wife, Kalyan, charan. Because in the society terms we see only one personality)

Punch Line : When Kalyan speaks about chiru,we could see the respect and love in his eyes and words but where as Chiru about pawan…you guys better knows that.

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