‘Nenu Sailaja’ begins well but beguiles nil.

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The initial childhood episode in Nenu Sailaja is pretty much inspired from ‘Manasanthaa Nuvve‘. Whether it is deliberate or accidental, director has not even chosen another place, he’s pleased with the same Araku to mount the innocence of kids on top of green hills & splash their jolliness into the deep of dark valleys. But alternatively, the boy here migrates to Vizag on his dad’s transfer before their tender friendship blossoms as bosom love. In this short chapter, the boy passes the girl a gold ring using a plastic rope by releasing a wooden arrow from his bow of love onto her room window and places his smile on her lips is a cute scene of romance, which will be replicated by Sailaja(the girl -Keerthy) in her Ad shoot later, yes Hari(the boy – Ram) is also there, stares at it and realizes she’s his childhood beloved.

Ugh! I fast forwarded the film, please wait, let me rewind. After Hari quits Araku, he turns as a naughty boy who naively flirts all beautiful girls in school and rejected by everybody. He grows up, does the same, and the result is selfsame. Puppy shame? No no. Hari, in fact, is proved to be a crazy but genuine chap after refusing that pub-lady in ‘One Night Stand’ incident. Maybe, accident, lol! What I’m trying to exposit here is, he completely loses faith in love. So cut the scene here, open the lens of camera on a beach shore where hero is drinking Kingfisher. Oh, how Sailu’s fingers go under the belt-buckle of Hari’s pant at this spot? Ah, she allows him to sit at her back on scooty. Yeah, physiques plus chemistry is equal to love science. And Shailaja minus Hari is proportional to social break-up. Take a break to understand this basic mathematics cos’ it is Telugu subject interval.

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Ram has done a very neat job with his good dialect in the dialogue delivery except that lengthy overdone blabbering at climax. Keerthy is unexpressive, but we feel that’s okay by the time movie is over for that role of taciturn orthodox woman. And one casual thing, the actress played as housemaid is more beautiful than the heroine. Satyaraj is notable as Sailaja’s painful-but-lovable father. Pradeep Rawat’s comedy works in bits and pieces. And you hardly heed other supporting cast with insignificance including Naresh Sr. and Prince. Devi Sri Prasad is the main relief as three songs are satisfying and fit into the mood of the film. Editor should’ve used sharp scissors on the draggy second half.

Well, after the convincingly manageable first half that has moved speedily a bit, the movie collapses like twin towers from the very post interval scene. Not by the revengeful Osama Bin, but by the emotional dust bin. It’s not that smelly but feels like an artificial room freshener.

Hero somehow settles down as a guest in heroine’s home, impresses her family and steals all their hearts by doing some magic, in which whisky glass chivalry will turn the risky father-son rivalry into a moral relationship recovery. Doesn’t this sound like the story of ‘Solo‘ movie? Hmm, but it worked out there. You know what, Hari shoots a cluster of video clips of the family members without knowing to themselves and displays on a projector in front of all to gel the bondings like in old Fevicol Ads. One more thing, Shailaja doesn’t know whether Hari & his sister are twins though they lived & loved together in Araku for some time. Also, Kishore Tirumala missed to build the romantic bridge between Hari’s sister and her lover, which actually is the key how Hari could come to Sailu’s home and do some emotional wizardry.

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Nenu Sailaja is not a newfangled concept as it adopts many familiar angles from the other popular films. Very predictable right from the first scene till the last one. There’s no fresh theme even on a single frame and a mishmash of emotions at play, but finely funny at times. It really starts off with some promising love chunk, but finally ends up as a non-uniform piece of dramatic block. So, Nenu Sailaja mainly sails on the river of deja vu even if the sailors in the boat row it well. And it’s your will seeing them reach the bank of boredom on very few little tides of entertainment.

My Rating: 2/5


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