‘Saala Khadoos’ doesn’t hit out of its boxing (bo)ring.

Note: I request you to be totally sarcastic if you want to read this review.

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Let me disclose the twists of the film first, it tells about the stuff that are seldom found in Bollywood sports movies: Enmity, politics, lethargic government dignitaries.

O my god, what a knockout sensation this Saala Khadoos is!

After seeing the boxing coach in Saala Khadoos, I recall the Hulk’s dialogue from The Avengers – “I’m always angry“. Madhavan is so angry through out the film. But why? Not just audience, I wonder even if director knows why he’s angry. Hey, that has a deep meaning. It’s a Bollywood film, so being angry means showing intensity. Well, he yells, squalls and pummels. He has a visible pot belly, but he criticizes the physiques of his female players, and he also throws on them sexist abuses. That also makes sense because his coach had deceived him out of a match before 20 long years. Ouch, what a touching past! Tch, how pitiful!

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Saala Khadoos comprises such a great set of characters.

He’s the human version of angry hulk of a coach whereas his student is an invigorating transformation in boxing. She is a blabbermouth and poor girl, very poor. She is so indigent that we can smell her poverty off screen when she sells fish on screen. But wait guys, she is skillful. I took my back off the seat, bent down to the front waiting for her to be noticed by our angry hulk. And yes, there she is. Oh, what a turn in the story, I assure you! Claps please.

Angry Hulk Coach and Ms. Blabbermouth don’t get on at first, but when they sync, we experience a breathtaking training that drops a huge ice-strip in our palette and keeps a hot coal-nugget between our fingers. A montage of heavy workouts sung by, oh gosh, Vishal Dhadlani. It’s only rockstars like Vishal whose vocals can send this modern generation to gym, a gem rarely act in Hindi movies.

Ms. Poor Skillful Blabbermouth gradually clasps a light on the Human Angry Hulk. The game, the fame, all that will sit back, it’s necessary to bring love quotient to the front though she’s a wannabe boxing champion.
She prepares a fish gravy, appears slinky, slithering into a saree to drown in love. Her evolution from a stinky-fisher-woman to a passionate-boxing-underdog to a beloved-barbie-doll is so rapid that it makes you choked.

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The elegance of Saala Khadoos is that it offers you a finale that you’ve been taken there in 90% of sports films from school days: a grand international match with a badass Russian boxer who, we all know, will spill blood and fall down by the end of it. You know, the writers have penned it such strange that it never surprises the audience by any moment.

And if you compare few moments of Saala Khadoos with Mary Kom and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, hey come on, let me introduce you to the words – Coincidence and Inspiration.

My Rating: 2/5

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