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Internet Explorer

Proving the rumours right, software giant Microsoft is all set to put an end to oldest internet browser Internet Explorer. Although Explorer was the first internet browser and had a great fan base way back in 90s, later on new browsers like Firefox, Chrome over took it. With this Microsoft seems to have decided to terminate IE and possibly replace it with new browser.

At a recent convergence conference of the firm, the top brass reportedly admitted putting an end to Explorer and stated that it’d be replaced with new browser, tentatively named as Spartan. Microsoft team is contemplating to launch the Project Spartan by the end of 2015 and if all goes well, the new browser will be introduced into the market along with new Operating System Windows 10. It is learnt that Spartan is new, ultra light-weight browser which improvises the browsing experience and enhances the speed with more options.

However, it’s not a complete end for Internet Explorer as Microsoft may continue the existence of IE in Windows 10 for compatibility purpose along with the older version of the Windows operating system (Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista).

Punch Line : GO WENT GONNNNE….!

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