‘Star Wars : The Force Awakens’ is the biggest Christmas gift to crave.


Sigh! You can heave now cos’ the long wait has finally come to an end. The Force Awakens is a playful adventure sandwiched in epic mythology, a precise dose of fan care that ignites your neuromuscular junctions, and a cliffhanger conclusion which sets the mightier route for its forthcoming chapters. In fact, J.J. Abrams has engineered this Star Wars VII exactly what he did with Star Trek (2009). He chose honored culture with a diehard regiment of admirers, treated it with special love and made it matter again. Abrams fulfils all your fanciful desires on this film to the fullest degree, go watch it to agree. Feel & relish that pulpy goodness of its massive legacy.

Like the continual adventures that inspired this series, The Force Awakens kicks into gear quickly. We acquire the particulars from the unspooled opening text customarily and hits the ground running. As we’re introduced to new characters, creatures & planets, the film evidently has the texture of ‘Star Wars’. Referring to the visuals, art work & action of this film certainly delivers on the spectacle that evolves as a modern wonder in this universe. Fittingly enough, plenty of the plot whirls around BB-8 (a new droid that’s already dearly loved by the world) in the early stage of the film.


Keeping droid at the chest of a ‘Star Wars’ story sounds familiar, yes, the sense of deja vu is undeniable, it’s because The Force Awakens shares a lot of DNA with the original 1977 film. Director has embraced the thought of making the old feel brand new again, and he championed it. I can feel how much cautious they are to not just make the film feel like self-parody, but it also does a spellbinding job of banking on the actors to yield, as opposed to depend upon nostalgic callbacks. There’s something to be said for how comfortable everything feels in this latest episode.

The actors deserve a lot of admiral, as the film has a close focus on the roles. Daisy Ridley’s self-discovery is so emotional, John Boyega‘s anxiety and Adam Driver’s dark fidelity are too good. And the flat-out awesomeness that Oscar Isaac ushers to his part, which is only excelled by everybody’s best-loved smuggler, Han Solo. Also, Harrison Ford returns and brings all that endearing rascal charm with him.


Driving ‘Star Wars‘ on a whole new way is no simple feat, and that’s why Abrams is the appropriate option. He’s a director who can hook audience to unwaveringly entertain and construct a flyover to replenish the gap between younger & older fans. Over the years with Abrams as a filmmaker, he’s magisterial in organizing the amazing premise & astounding puzzles to be untangled. And I have also a concern that his films tend to end as sputtering ellipses instead of glittering shapes as I could feel in his MI3, Lost, Super 8. But the ending he brings to this film out is so note-perfect that you can’t even anticipate in any other way.

Well, The Force Awakens is made on a magnificent scale that offers you majestic characters. You get an engaging drama with engrossing John Williams‘ score along with amazing aerial dogfights, space battles & lightsaber fights. The stars you tie on top of your homes may not dazzle your Christmas, but ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ does it, for sure. It’s a bittersweet film that makes you so badly wait for its upcoming episode. So, the long wait has finally come an end, but the longest new waiting event begins again…. 🙂

My Rating: 4/5


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