‘The Hateful Eight’ is a middle-of-the-road Western Bonanza.

Quentin Tarantino’s special power as an artist is the way he quotes the film’s bygone moments while describing something new, which is the major reason why I extremely love him. In his new film, the slow-stewing The Hateful Eight, he embarks on a classic adventure from John Ford‘s Stagecoach and ends up in the caffeinated furore that finished his Reservoir Dogs.

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While Tarantino has come a long way since the grimy time of Jackie Brown and even the lower budget days of Pulp FictionThe Hateful Eight puts him back in a dominion that feels familiar. It is accidental the film shares DNA with The Virginian and other western-themed features along with The Thing, which influences right from the casting of Kurt Russell and the original score by Ennio Morricone. And the addition of his unused tracks from John Carpenter’s horror classics. What a fabulous haunting score during the titles of the film while exploring the fabulous opening shot!

Inspite of having single location used as the main setting for this 3 hours long film, Tarantino has aimed to operate the Ultra Panavision 70 to make this film dazzled with its true 65mm experience. It assists that the film features gorgeous shots of the surroundings of Minnie’s Haberdashery, and even the inside of this setting benefits finely by this use of scope. We get to watch the complete setting in grand vision, as well as terrific close-ups.

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Luckily, the director’s brilliance for casting such great set of actors hasn’t discarded him. Kurt Russell has a blast grinding on Tarantino’s flamboyant dialogues as a whining bounty hunter, Jennifer Jason Leigh dazzles through a bloody weird smile as the fugitive he’s taking to the hangman, and ­Samuel L. Jackson is at his best with vigorous vulgarity as a grumpy Union officer. Bruce Dern, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Walton Goggins and Demian Bichir together form the revolting octet, sniffing one another like dogs in a cage. Whatever the case may be, everyone seems to have a cause to hate at least one other person they have been compelled to share a shelter with, which will undoubtedly deliver a bullet game.


Whether you wish to travel with him or not on that long journey is a different affair to me, but as a big fan who loved almost every Tarantino film, I felt, for the first time, something close to displeasure. At their best, his films ooze the woozy excitement that he has several intriguing ideas flapping in his head to spellbind us. But The Hateful Eight falls short of such ideas. Set almost entirely in a snowed-in saloon, the story’s so spare that it doesn’t warrant good thrills by its claustrophobic portrayal.

I have never thought of a mediocre film that comes from Tarantino in my life, but it has arrived to hurt me. So, will I say that I love all QT films except The Hateful Eight? No. But sadly, yes.

My Rating: 2.5/5

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