‘The Peanuts Movie’ guarantees the tummy full of yummy entertainment (Movie Review).

Dear Blue Sky Studios, thanks for the nice piece of work. Yes, ‘The Peanuts Movie’ is tremendous. Charles M. Schulz‘s characters are beautifully refurbished, the style & the tone of his creations has been safeguarded in the best of ways. It brings the brilliant antics of Charlie Brown & the gang to the big screen, and this is a quite family-friendly film that strikes all the right beats.

All right, ‘The Peanuts Movie’ thankfully does not hammer about who Charlie Brown is and how his dog Snoopy behaves. Alternatively, we see an extended series of events that rebound incidentally. The cornerstone of the film is on Charlie Brown’s attempts to attain the attention of the Little Red-Haired Girl and win her love.


‘The Peanuts Movie’ seeks some brand new things to do with its lead role, Charlie. By giving respect to the essence of Schulz’s toil, it permits him to do what he can to not just conquer the heart of his crush but be an undisputed good boy too. You need not to buy popcorn or something to eat in the interval cos’ these peanuts are so tasty, you would love to scoop its yummy content on screen with your eyes.


The quality work has been done to bring the Schulz’s original drawing fashion into a suitable CGI world. Furthermore, there are many other appreciable efforts were put to save the soul and morality of ‘Peanuts’. All the characters are voiced over by children, which indeed was a wonderful choice. The film also spotlights a blend of familiar themes aided by a befitting music from Christophe Beck.

Charlie’s aims keep getting liquidized and his self-confidence fluctuates by the hardships. There’s actually a philosophy lurking here in the lead character that life is not always fair enough to win every moment. This representation is a bit tough to be understood by the kids, no? Hey, come on man! Eventually it’s an animated comedy featuring a boy and his guard, pilot dog. Kids should be alright, dude.

707_150_175_4K_UniversalColor_WB_: Snoopy takes to the skies over Paris, to battle his arch nemesis.  Photo credit: Twentieth Century Fox & Peanuts Worldwide LLC

The Peanuts Movie really was a blast to watch. It all certainly plays for kids and can surely be fun for the adults as well. Totally fitting film for all ages in the spirit for something so simple & charming. Distinctive in its animation style and plenty of classic humor from the pretty nuts. Nutritionists prescribe walnuts to eat for a healthy heart. If they see this film, they will recommend these peanuts as well. You’ll smile, giggle and laugh your heart out.

My Rating: 4/5


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