Venkatesh AgreeTo Pay 10 Crs of Compensation


We have got some exclusive information regarding the results of the various negotiations that took place between the producer and the distributors of Superstar Rajinikanth starrer Lingaa. After the film bombed big time at the boxoffice, a group of distributors came out in protests against the film’s producer Rockline Venkatesh and Rajinikanth.

According to some close sources, 3 rounds of negotiations took place between Rockline Venkatesh and the distributors, after the initial tension and heated arguments. In the 1st round, the distributors demanded 33 crores as compensation for their losses to which the producer agreed to refund just 3 crores. Infuriated with this amount, the distributors again held talks with Venkatesh with political pressure and demanded 24 crores. This time, Venkatesh hiked the compensation amount upto 7 crores.

In their last bid to put pressure on the producer, the distributors threatened to go on a begging protest if Venkatesh fails to pay them at least 16.5 crores. Not obliging them, Venkatesh only agreed to pay 10 crores and not a penny more. This made the distributors lose their cool and went on a begging protest and finally got warned by the Bangalore court against their protests.

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