Why Ram Charan ? why not other hero

Charan and Pawan

Why Ram Charan ? why not other hero.

For a grand launch it requires celebrity face to take it to a next level.Powerful production house is coming to lime light again with a Mega Launch.We heard lot of times that pawan kalyan doesn’t want to react to gossips but he wont leave like that . He have a unique way of expressing things.

What can we understand b/w the lines of making movie with Ram Charan.

  1. Clears all the differences that they are no gaps in Mega Camp.
  2. Shows the love between babai and abbai which is inseparable.
  3. New kick to the tollywood.
  4. We saw lot of examples if a celebrity is the face the reach would be more. In this case If two big commercial hero’s join hands….you know the rest.
  5. Most important ,If it’s other hero ? question raise again. There are seven hero’s from Mega family why a new one ?
  6. PK is going to produce movies and active in politics ?
  7. Budget is under control for a Mega hype budgeted movie.

Punch line : If Pawan can’t who can ?

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