Will $10 can make a difference than $20


The market in abroad needs to be open widely. Will see quite often that Tollywood movies are crossing the grousers when compared to Bollywood movies. The end audience for the Bollywood movies are more when compared to Tollywood movies. Bollywood movies will be watched by lot of foreigners. But still how this magic is happening in abroad.

For Bollywood movies tickets will be marked as $10-$15 on a first day and followed by $7-$10 Where as for tollywood movies the big stars movie will start from $20-$30 on first day followed by $12-$15. They wont come less than $10. This is the unsual experience will observe for tollywood movies. Because of huge exposure everyone knows how the cinema would be. When they come to know they film is not doing good they will go to a bollywood movie other than Tollywood.

Simple sutra…! Attract larger audience and the market will go eventually.

Punch Line : Money talks…!

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